Our Commitment to
Luxury Sustainability


Designer Pots was born from a team that cumulatively had over 100 years of experience in beautifying homes and spaces we all enjoy everyday.  Our team travelled to every continent around the globe visiting seasoned potters and their workshops to come back with a product that not only would stand the test of time, but enhance our environment too!

Whether it was Fiberglass, Cement, Terracotta, GRC, or Concrete they all consistently reported excessive wastage, substantial transportation costs (due to weight and fragility) along with substantial energy and mining being required to produce these pots. Not surprisingly, many of these pots will crack or chip during transportation, installation and ongoing usage – creating even more waste both for our environment and for your backpocket. 

It was clear – we needed a solution! Our team consulted with experts in pottery and manufacturing around the world and came up with RealTex  – a carefully curated blend of resins, recycled plastic and recovered concrete – creating an extremely durable pot that prevents waste materials from entering our oceans. The carefully manufactured and engineered resins are specifically designed to create an elegant finish that is second to none and is sought after by even the toughest pot connoisseur around the world.

Our team devotes every minute to enhancing our environment and creating simply stunning pots that you’ll love!

Our Perpetual Values


From our design through to end-of-life our pots are designed to enhance our global planet. Every pot is made from high quality reclaimed materials and is fully recyclable.


Every Designer Pot is designed with our primary focus in mind ‘quality each and every time.


Our Design team constantly work to curate the highest quality designs that will stand the test of time.