Designer pots
unique & ongoing BENEFITS

Earth Friendly

You can garden with pride knowing that all our products are made with recycled materials that would have either ended up in landfill or blowing into the ocean. Tonnes of soon to be discarded materials are turned into a simply sensational product.

High Quality

Each pot is engineered, moulded and finished with care. Using only the best quality composition of plastic, concrete and resin Designer Pots are not only earth friendly but superior in every regard.

Weather Resistant

Designer Pots are engineered to withstand the harsh elements the planet throws at them. Whether that be sun, water or hail these pots will handle any space - indoors, outdoors, or even alongside walkways where people love to touch and feel them.


Our carefully designed range of Designer Plants are made to stand the test of time. The timeless designs are produced to ensure that no matter the season, or trend of the day you’ll have a pot that looks truly amazing


We all know the feeling of going to move a pot and simply being unable to. The excessive weight of old fashioned pots prevent us from simply moving them around into new locations to reflect our current desires. Many old fashioned pots are over 10 times the weight of Designer Pots for no real reason. You’ll love the mobility of these pots.