How To Choose The Right Designer Pots For Your Home

There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than having your home’s indoor and outdoor space filled with absolutely stunning plants in beautiful pots. It not only adds an instant touch of beauty, but also provides incredible health advantages.  If you want to decorate your home with indoor plants, be it natural or artificial, then Designer Pots are truly worth considering if you want an environmentally friendly yet stunningly beautiful pot. 

With multiple options available in the market, choosing the right pots is not as easy as it seems. There are a handful of details that should be taken into consideration before you go on a shopping spree for pots, to ensure you don’t end up with a poor quality pot that does not fit the aesthetics of your space, or one that will crack or break easily.

Theme of Your Space 

The variety of pots available in the market is immense and it becomes overwhelmingly daunting to pick a pot. When you have no solid concept of the theme of your home, finding a pot that can bring style and aesthetics can become a bumpy ride.

Think carefully about the personality of your space – Whether your home has a contemporary or a vintage look? Look for a designer pot that seamlessly blends with you and your home’s style. 

Consider the Overall Size of Your Space 

There’s no point opting for two oversized and immensely gigantic geometric designer pots if you have a small apartment. This is not just impractical but also not aesthetically pleasing. The pots you pick up should be the appropriate size for your space.

We would always recommend that you carefully consider the size of the plant you’ll be growing or installing. If you have a pot that is perfect for a desk then placing a large tree in it would surely be problematic.

Designer Pots are an Investment 

If you seek a classic centerpiece then it’s worth investing in good quality designer pots as they will stand the test of time and be pleasing to the eyes for the entire duration. For a more functional area (like a hot-house or shed), it’s better to stick to less expensive pots allowing the plant to be the star of the show instead of the pot. 

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