Nowadays, there is a huge variety of garden pots to choose from and  anything is easily available from traditional terracotta to contemporary  glazed urns in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Pots are supposed to make a great focal point whether they are placed indoor or  outdoor. They add a great charm to any place without even flowers or plants too.  If you have an urn shape pot, then can suit just standing empty in a group of other  pots. 

Consider this guide by Designer Pots and learn how you can use your garden pots to maximize the effect they. 

Proper Watering and Drainage

Overwatering is the most popular gardening blunder and the most dangerous way  to destroy a plant. The roots get rot when they remain in excess water, hence  taking away the ability of plants to absorb nutrients and moisture. The risk of this  overwatering can be reduced by proper drainage. To build the wow factor in the  environment, modern decorative pots and planters come in a variety of materials  such as ceramic, natural, composite, metal, and fiberglass. We need to make sure  while purchasing that planters or pots have specific drainage systems.

Tips for Indoor Planting

Tips for Outdoor Planting

Drainage holes are needed in outdoor planters to allow rainwater to pass through  and avoid waterlogging the root system of the plants. If you want to keep the planter outside all year, make sure it is frost-resistant. Make sure the drainage hole is lifted off the floor, either with a recessed design or elevated on foot to  avoid ice buildup and cracking.

Option 1 – Grouping pots

This is the common practice that whenever you group things in the garden they  look best. A group of 3, 5, or any odd number looks perfect. Placing two empty  pots next to each other in different sizes looks amazing. Adding a variety of  flowering plants in pots around the garden and on the patio will help to extend  the life of your garden. This is particularly useful at the start or end of summer, as  well as into the autumn.

Pots even without plants can add a splash of color and a strong shape to a  planting border, bringing clarity to the planting. You don’t have to use them just  for putting plants on your patio. 

You can also turn the urn-shaped pots on their sides and surround them with  cobbles to make an interesting focal point.

If you have pots dotted around your patio then grouping them will look better.  Also, rather than making an odd variety of various types of pots, you can add a  color scheme. Adding a color scheme will give more clarity to the grouping. An  odd assortment of pots that you’ve collected over the years, having those plants  that you repeat during the planting in the pots is a good way to make them fit  together. The plant’s repetition adds clarity to the combination of various styles  of pots.

Option 2 – Strategic Placement

The secret to using pots as focal points is to position them on a visual journey  down the garden to a key location, such as a seat or gazebo. We can’t emphasize  how beneficial any solid type is for bringing clarity to planting borders. They can  perform miracles! 

What style of the pot should you choose for your garden?

Choose garden pots that can match the theme of your garden, whether it’s  traditional or modern. Consider painting your pots if you have a collection that  doesn’t match the look of your garden. A coat of paint will fully turn even the  dullest pot or planter.  

Pots don’t have to be held at ground level, either. You may hang them on the  wall, place them on window ledges, or put them in metal frames. Alternatively,  you may simply attach them to the wall, as in the patio gardens of Cordoba,  Spain. The pots in the patio gardens are slightly suspended from the wall with a  small piece of wood behind each one, and they are watered very carefully to  avoid staining those lovely walls. 

Hanging pots come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they don’t necessarily  have to be hung on a wall! 

Make the most of your vertical space 

Vertical planting schemes can be enhanced by using strong fences and walls as a  backdrop. You can use every last inch of room in your garden to grow  ornamentals, herbs, and some fruits and vegetables. 

Garden pots, when used correctly, can liven up any garden and ultimately can  make a perfect gift for a garden-loving friend.

Benefits of Recycled Plastic Pots

Planters or pots made from recycled materials are not only good for the  environment, but they also possess some unexpected benefits.  Now let’s look at the advantages of using recycled plant containers: 

While all of our planters are made from recycled materials, our black planters can  be made from entirely 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Black is the green,  as we like to say.

This is especially true if you buy from Designer Pots because they are:

  1. Weather Resistant – Designer pots are designed in such a way that they can  withstand any harshness of any weather. They are perfect for indoors,  outdoors, or alongside walkways. 
  2. Modern – Our pots are designed timelessly, ensuring whatever the season  or year maybe, they are forever part of the trend. 
  3. Light-Weight – Designer pots are lightweight, gives you the feeling of  moving them easily. Buy now! We guarantee you will love the mobility of  designer pots. 

Other benefits of Designer pots include:

Do They Last as Long?

Do planters made from recycled materials last as long as planters made from  virgin materials? This is a common question. Yes, it is true! The initial plastic  product is melted down into a powder base. After that, it starts all over again,  with the same strength and durability as before.

So what are you waiting for? Order yours now!