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Decorative Plant Pot

Buy Decorative Planter Pots Online

Our range of designer decorative planter pots are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. These stylish options are the perfect choice for gardeners, home decor enthusiasts and interior designers. The pots are made from recycled materials, are extremely durable and sturdy.

Designer Pot’s range of designs are absolutely low maintenance and easy to clean while ensuring that they are stunningly beautiful and contemporary to ensure your space looks amazing.

Designed for either artificial or living plants, we have a variety of designs for decorative planter pots, some of them are as follows:

  • Hanging Pots

Our eco-friendly hanging pots are made from recycled plastics and concrete, built to last for years while looking elegant. These eco-sustainable pots are an ideal option for indoor and outdoor use where anybody wanting a hanging basket can install these chain hanging pots. 

Available in two colours- white and grey, they are 30cm wide and 50cm long including the chain length. 

  • Bowl Planter Pots

Our three exquisitely designed planter bowl pots are decorative planters for both indoor and outdoor settings. These are built for durability and sustainability, made from recycled materials with a smooth finish like none other. 

These planter bowls are made with recycled plastics and concrete, making them extremely tough and durable for years. Perfect for home decors of a wide variety, these polished planters come in three colours- vintage white, polished black and polished grey, which are all 30cm in size, weighing at 1.25kgs. 

  • Rectangular Plant Pots

These pots are constructed from Earth-friendly materials that are recycled and long-lasting. These pots are a perfect fit for tight or narrow spaces indoors or outdoors and will bring a stunning touch of elegance to your space whether you have artificial or living plants.

You’ll be sure to love the two natural colours of these textured decorative plant pots that come in imitation stone concrete white stone and imitation stone grey in 27cm and 50cm sizes. 

  • Round Planter Pots

Our Round Planter Pots are extremely weather-resistant and robust, making them perfect for at home or commercial applications, both indoor and outdoors. These are not only good-looking, but are environmentally friendly. 

We have Round Planter Pots in several colours and sizes such as textured round grey, white and black planters of 47cm and 71cm in size. 

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