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Lightweight pots

Beautiful Designer Lightweight Pots for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Designer Pots offers a stunning range of lightweight pots to beautify the interior and exterior of your property. These pots are made from high-quality recycled materials and are environmentally friendly. We keep sustainability and functional design at the forefront while designing and crafting these lightweight pots.

We have a variety of plant pots that can be used for both natural and artificial plants. Our classic designs make our pots ideal for both office and home decor. These lightweight planters and pots require minimum maintenance. The holes at the bottom of these pots allow water drainage, making them relatively easy to clean, especially when planting natural plants.

Whether you buy our lightweight rectangular planters or square planters, they come with high durability, longevity, and functionality. Our pots are UV stabilised and weather-resistant and come in a wide variety of colours and sizes to meet your aesthetic needs.

The Types of Lightweight Pots:

Engraved Lightweight Indoor and Outdoor Pots:

These engraved lightweight pots are ideal for both residential and commercial use. The aesthetically perfect design and engraving on the pots allow you to create a refreshing environment. They go perfectly well with most home and office decor themes, whether you place them indoors or outdoors. Made from the finest quality recycled materials, they come in Cream and White, Yellow and White and Black and White combinations of colours. You can also browse through our exclusive range, including glossy blue and rendered white and grey colours. Our lightweight indoor pots and lightweight outdoor pots come in 14cm and 17cm sizes.

Lightweight Indoor and Outdoor Planters:

Our easy to maintain lightweight indoor planters are made using high-quality recycled materials, providing them with excellent durability and longevity compared to the most traditional indoor planters. Our indoor and outdoor planters are available in a stunning colour range and different shapes and sizes. Our latest range of lightweight planters includes round, rectangular, geometric, tall tapered and rounded designs and textures such as rustic texture, polished and tapered. You can buy our lightweight outdoor planters available in 25cm, 30cm, 47cm and 71cm sizes with black, white, grey, dark grey, polished white and stone white colours.

Lightweight Imitation Stone & Marble Pots:

Investing in our Lightweight Imitation Stone & Marble Pots allows you to create a perfect interior for your home and office. They add aesthetic value to your interior and exterior. As we use the best quality recycled materials to make these lightweight pots, they can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for years to come. You can browse through our new range of elegant tones, such as imitation dark and grey stone and imitation marble in two different colour combinations like “green and white” and “red and white”. The available sizes are 20cm, 27cm and 50cm.

Lightweight Hanging Pots: 

These lightweight hanging pots are ideal for taking the aesthetics of your home and office to the next level without using up any extra floor or table space. You can place your order for our 30cm hanging pots available in rustic white and grey colours. They are available in 30cm size.

Features of Our Pots & Planters:

  • Made from recycled materials (plastics & concrete)
  • Designed to ensure longevity and durability
  • Designed to look great
  • Use with either artificial or living plants

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