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Plastic Pots

The Best Place to Buy Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale in Australia

Whether you want to enhance your commercial property’s aesthetics or bring a touch of nature to your home or office interior, Designer Pots provides the finest collection of plastic pots online. We provide stunning designer plastic pots ideal for both living and artificial plants. If you are looking for low-maintenance plastic pots wholesale in Australia, then browse through our designer plastic pots available at affordable prices.

These plastic pots are made using the highest quality recycled plastic and other materials. We maintain sustainability across our range of pots. Our recycled plastic plant pots last for years with minimal to no maintenance requirements. The designer plastic pots are UV stabilised and available in various colours to perfectly cater to your home or office decor needs. 

Our designer plastic pots are the preferred choice of homeowners and commercial property owners due to their elegant and timeless design. In addition, recycled plastic plant pots are made using the finest quality recycled plastic and concrete, making them highly durable and long-lasting.

Engraved Plastic Pots: 

Our range of engraved plastic pots perfectly serves your home and office decor needs. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use due to their durability and functionality. Our engraved plastic pots are available in Cream and White, Yellow and White and Black and White combinations of colours. You can also choose from our artisan range, which includes glossy blue and rendered white and grey colours. Our engraved plastic flower pots are available in 14cm and 17cm sizes.

Designer Plastic Planters:

Our finest quality designer plastic planters are available in attractive colours and various shapes and sizes. They are made using recycled materials and maintain durability throughout their long lifespan. You can browse through our round, rectangular, geometric, tall tapered and rounded design plastic planters available with textures such as rustic texture, polished and tapered. They come in 25cm, 30cm, 47cm or 71cm sizes with black, white, grey, dark grey, polished white and stone white colour options. 

Polished Plastic Planter Pots:

These carefully crafted polished plastic planter pots are highly-durable, sustainable, and polished to achieve an exceptionally unique finish. These 30cm plastic pots are available in black, white, and grey colours, ideal for home and office decor.

Hanging Plastic Pots:

If you are looking for plastic flower pots wholesale, then kindly browse through our elegant and rustic hanging plastic pots that help you enhance the aesthetics of your residential or commercial place. Our 30cm hanging plastic pots are lightweight and come in grey and rustic white colours. 

Features of our Pots & Planters

  • Made from recycled materials (plastics & concrete)
  • Designed to ensure longevity and durability
  • Designed to look great
  • Use with either artificial or living plants

Why buy from us?

  • Earth & Family Safe products
  • Free & Fast Shipping
  • 100% Secure Online Shopping
  • Manufacturer Direct Prices
  • Botanically Correct Plants

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