Designer Plant Pots Brisbane

When you’re on the lookout for high-quality designer pots in Brisbane, you will find just what you need and desire with us at Designer Pots. Our range of consciously designed eco-friendly stylish plant pots come in a stunning variety of designs and textures. Your imagination will be fueled by our extensive collection of plant pots for indoor and outdoor uses. 

Unique Plant Pots Brisbane

Our plant pots in Brisbane are sought after by homeowners, interior designers and commercial or office space owners alike. Due to the wide variety of usage, we make sure that our pots are extremely durable. Our plant pots are made from recycled materials and can last for many years with little to no maintenance required.

We provide wholesale orders for our pots in Brisbane if you are looking to deck out a large area or planning to sell our pots at your establishment. Our team is always happy to discuss these things with you openly. Our designer pots are made from recycled plastic and concrete, ensuring that you are not leaving a massive carbon footprint by purchasing and installing Designer Pots in Brisbane.

Our Designer Pots Collection is Categorised into:

The types of Pots we have in Brisbane are as follows:

Hanging Pots

These exquisite hanging pots are simple and elegant, adding an air of natural aesthetics to the overall look of your living room or working space. They are extremely durable and come with a hanging chain, looking great in indoor and outdoor areas. These 30cm hanging pots are lightweight and are available in colours like grey and rustic white.

Tall Tapered Square Planters

Our Tall Tapered Square Planters stand tall and proud with their unique shape that brings out sophistication in any space. These are made from recycled materials, making them environmentally friendly. It is the perfect plant pot for corners and entranceways, especially for people who do not have time for any maintenance due to a busy life in Brisbane. The Tapered Square Planter is made from high-quality eco-friendly materials that last for years and is grey in colour at 70cm in size.

Imitation Stone Rectangle Planters

Made from recycled materials that can be further recycled at a later stage, our Imitation Stone Rectangle Planters are the perfect choice for homes, offices and even gifts. These plant pots are especially suitable for those who want to conduct no maintenance whatsoever while having a stunning pot with natural-like textures to hold their artificial or natural plants in Brisbane. The colours available are Stone Grey at 50cm/27cm and Concrete White at 50cm in size.

Imitation Dark Stone Geometric Planter

Keeping sustainability at the forefront of our design process, we have designed and manufactured these Imitation Dark Stone Geometric Planters to last for many years. These pots require little to no maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a pressurised hose. This pot is perfect for any modern space, home or office in Brisbane. Available in grey at 30cm size.

Decorative Textured Round Planters

These strong, durable and exquisitely finished Decorative Textured Round planters are perfect for keeping on tables at homes or in the office. They are eco-friendly and last extremely long while requiring no maintenance. These are perfect for any modern space, home or office in Brisbane. Available in white at 71cm/47cm in size, black at 71cm/47cm, grey at 71cm/47cm and dark grey at 47cm.

Polished Planter Bowls

In addition to being environmentally friendly, recycled and extremely durable, our Polished Planter Bowls are finished in the most fabulous manner possible. The stunning polished finish gives these pots a luxurious look and feels that adds charm to any indoor or outdoor space in Brisbane. These are available in grey, black and white, all 30cm in size.

Imitation Marble and Stone Pots

These pots were created to bring an air of luxury and opulence to any indoor and outdoor space in Brisbane. These exquisite imitation pots look just like the real marble and stone pots while being far more durable and easy to maintain for many years. These are available in Red & White and Green & White Marble pots at 25cm and Imitation Cream Stone Pot at 20cm. Furthermore, we also have an Imitation Grey Stone Pot of 20cm.

Rendered and Engraved Pots

Find your perfect design fit with our rendered and engraved pots that come in several stunning colours and textures. These sustainably produced pots are suitable for home or office spaces in Brisbane, and they add elegance to any corner of the space. While being extremely durable, they require little to no maintenance over the many years of use. At Designer Pots, we have Rendered grey, and white planter pots at 25cm, Glossy Blue at 25cm, Black and White Engraved Pot at 17cm/14cm, Yellow and White Engraved Pot of 17cm/14cm and a Cream and White Engraved Pot of 14cm.

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