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What’s better than plants for decoration and peace of mind? We haven’t found anything better being in this business for decades. In addition to providing a space for artificial plants and flowers, our garden plant pots are suitable for natural plants all the same. Bring your home or office space in Canberra to life with our designer pots that require no work on your part except to purchase and put it up where you want.

Environmentally Friendly Stylish Plant Pots in Canberra

Buying plant pots in Canberra is fairly common for home and office spaces alike. What sets us apart from all the market is that our pots are the right fit in every sense. Our designer plant pots are environmentally friendly, made with recycled materials that last for many years in their true original form. Sustainability and modern aesthetics are at the heart of our design process. 

When you buy a designer pot from Designer Pots, you can rest assured that you have made a valuable addition to your decor for a long time without having to do any ongoing maintenance. Designer Pots offers wholesale buying for all our designs as well. Our pots are perfect for indoor and outdoor uses in any kind of decor or setting in Canberra. 

Our Designer Pots Collection is Categorised into:

The Types of Pots we have in Canberra are as follows:

Hanging Pots

Designer Pots has a simple yet stunning collection of hanging pots that come with a chain. These modern designs are suitable for a variety of home and office decors. They do not take any table or floor space and look beautiful across a range of spots in homes and offices across Canberra. These 30cm hanging pots are lightweight and are available in colours like grey and rustic white. 

Tall Tapered Square Planter

These Tall Tapered Square Planters add an air of elegance to any corner that is indoors or outdoors. They can even be placed along entrance ways to make a sophisticated gateway to your home or office in Canberra. Made from recycled plastic and concrete, these Tall Tapered Square Planters are environmentally friendly and modern. The Tapered Square Planter is grey in colour at 70cm in size.

Imitation Stone Rectangle Planters

Imitation Stone Rectangle Planters are ideal for narrow spaces or entrance ways that need to be beautified with natural or artificial plants. These planters come with two holes at the bottom that allow water to pass through when watering natural plants or cleaning the pot. We produce bespoke planters with recycled materials ensuring that they are durable and environmentally friendly. The colours available for these planters in Canberra are Stone Grey at 50cm/27cm and Concrete White at 50cm in size.

Imitation Dark Stone Geometric Planter

If you are looking for an out of the box design for planters, our Imitation Dark Stone Geometric Planters are just the modern design for you. Our bold design aesthetic with environmentally friendly materials makes this planter perfect for homes, office and gifts in Canberra. Available in grey at 30cm size.

Decorative Textured Round Planters

Designer Pots has an exquisite collection of Decorative Textured Round Planters that are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces in Canberra. These planters are made from recycled materials, making them environmentally friendly. The recycled concrete and plastic make them extremely durable and easy to maintain over the years. Available in white at 71cm/47cm in size, black at 71cm/47cm, grey at 71cm/47cm and dark grey at 47cm.

Polished Planter Bowls

Our collection of Polished Planter Bowls is a head-turner in all its aspects. From its bowl shape to the shiny finish, these planter bowls add elegance and peace of mind to any indoor or outdoor space in Canberra. These are available in grey, black and white, all 30cm in size.

Imitation Marble and Stone Pots

Imitation Marble and Stone Pots bring about a beautiful atmosphere in homes and offices in Canberra. Whether you’re going for a natural plant or an artificial plant, these pots will add charm and elegance to any space. They require little to no maintenance and are environmentally friendly. These are available in Red & White and Green & White Marble pots at 25cm and Imitation Cream Stone Pot at 20cm. Furthermore, we also have an Imitation Grey Stone Pot of 20cm.

Rendered and Engraved Pots

Designer Pots is a proud supplier of exclusive Rendered and Engraved Pots. Our design philosophy keeps natural aesthetic and sustainability at its forefront. These pots are made from recycled materials such as concrete and plastic, making them last for many years to come without having too much maintenance on your part. Our pots are perfect for any home or office in Canberra. They have been finished with great precision and texture that will keep the aesthetic alive indoors or outdoors. At Designer Pots, we have Rendered grey, and white planter pots at 25cm, Glossy Blue at 25cm, Black and White Engraved Pot at 17cm/14cm, Yellow and White Engraved Pot of 17cm/14cm and a Cream and White Engraved Pot of 14cm.

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